Prague Nightlife

Chelsea Barbee  ·  7 / 9 / 2018

If you’re visiting Prague soon, you probably have your days covered with Charles Bridge touring and Old Town Square people-watching, but what is there to do at night? Not to worry! Prague’s nightlife is diverse and widespread - from pubs, dance clubs, and brunch spots turned karaoke bar, you will never be bored in Prague!


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Lucerna is one of the best clubs in Prague due to its amazing atmosphere. Most weekend nights, they will have an 80s and 90s dance night - meaning you can get down to tracks from Green Day, Abba, and so much more! The perfect place to meet friends for a night of laughing, drinks, and dancing!

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Cross Club

We love Cross Club for its unique offering of all different styles of music and people in one cool setting. Expect all different genres of music as well as other culturally enthusiastic alternative discussions about all things film, traveling, and even politics.

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Café v Lese

If you’re in the mood for a fun night of jiving to local music by local artists, this is the place for you! Visit for some chill drinks or to find one of your favorite bands playing live!


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Ber.Lin Bar

A hip and chic restaurant by day (think avocado toast and smoothie bowls!) to a trendy and lively karaoke bar by night! Ber.Lin Bar is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood to jam to your favorite songs with friends while sipping perfectly mixed cocktails.

Chill bars?

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Cobra is a well-known bar for locals and expats alike and for good reason! Stop into this chill restaurant-by-day and local drinks and hang out place-by-night for a great food and drink experience! It’s hip, trendy, and the perfect place to get some work done or unwind after a long week!

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The Lokal

Perhaps one of the most famous pubs in Prague with the least touristy feel - enjoy the night in Prague’s chillest and most authentic hip pub. The night will include cheap beer and delicious late-night snacks, need we say more?

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The Globe

A great place for visitors from the U.S. looking for a taste of home - pop into The Globe for some light reading in the front and great drinks and tasty meals in the back. They also host a weekly trivia night in English!

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Sad Man’s Tongue Bar + Bistro

A funky bar that mixes the modern day with the dreaminess of the 1950s. Sad Man’s has delicious food and well-priced drinks as well as live music weekly!

Cocktail Bars?

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If you’re looking for a taste of sunshine in the midst of a Prague winter, go to Aloha for a tropical drink and delicious light bites. Relax with a drink upstairs by day and when evening comes, head down the back stairs for a night of dancing!

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Blue Light Bar

The perfect bar to spend the night chatting with friends and drinking delicious mixed drinks. Blue Light Bar gets its name from its unique blue light that shines out front. The interior is decorated as a hip and rough-around-the-edges bar - it’s a great place for relaxing after a long week.

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Anonymous is a classy cocktail lounge located a few steps away from Old Town Square. Expect - you guessed it - Anonymous masks are donned on the waiters and waitresses as they serve up delicious cocktails. One of the most unique cocktail bars in Prague - it is definitely worth a visit!

As you can see, Prague’s nightlife is not to be missed when paying a visit to the beautiful Czech capital. The options are endless and you are sure to have an amazing night in Prague no matter which nighttime scene you prefer!


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