Local Photographers’ Top Tips on How to Capture Your Trip to Europe

Eva Malá  ·  21 / 6 / 2018

We are sure you want to make as much of your European adventure as possible. You want to see it all, taste it all, and most importantly, remember it all. That is why we work with Localgrapher, a platform which enables you to get in touch with local vacation photographers and get the pictures of your dreams. These guys were happy to provide us with four of the pros’ tips on how to get the best photos you can.



1/ All in A Good Time

A professional vacation photographer wants to arrange a photo shoot either early in the morning or in the evening. This has a number of advantages, as the most important sights in the city will not be too crowded and, especially in summer, not too hot. The most important advantage, however, is light, since it is sunrise and sunset that provide ideal lighting conditions for a well-made set of photos.




2/ What to Wear

The issue of clothing and photos comes up time and again. The pros say that the best thing to wear is anything that will make you feel like yourself. It is therefore not the best idea to try and wear a brand new, shiny yellow dress. Wear something comfortable, something you know and love.

Also, if you are planning a photo shoot in a larger group or with a partner, it is always a good idea to think about each other’s outfits. We are not saying that a Hawaiian shirt and a full business suit do not work together, but this particular combination might be just a tad unorthodox.



3/ How to Prepare

For a vacation photo shoot, no extra preparation is needed apart from not coming hungry and getting a good night’s sleep. The session might take some time, and it is always better to enjoy it in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. As we said above, some of the photo shoots take place early in the morning, so if you are planning to do that, it is definitely worth going to bed earlier the night before.



4/ Ask Away

Meeting a local, professional photographer has, apart from the obvious advantage of getting some really lovely pictures, another plus: you can ask them about their city and get some real local tips and hints on where to eat, where to party and what to visit. Localgrapher’s photographers are here to help, and the more you communicate with them, the more they’ll get to know you, which means you will get better photos. If that’s not a win-win situation, we don’t know what is.



Hiring a vacation photographer can give your stay in Europe a whole new dimension. After all, a trip to a whole other continent is probably not something you would undertake every other week. So why not enjoy it to the fullest and get a professionally made set of photographs as well? Contact our travel consultants to add a professional photo shoot to your favorite European destination HERE.


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