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Andrew Barton  ·  12 / 9 / 2017

The Biggest Little Country in Europe

Like a Tardis machine that looks small on the outside, but overwhelms you with its capaciousness on the inside, Slovenia is also dimensionally transcendental. Slightly smaller in area size than the state of New Jersey, or less than half the size of Switzerland, Slovenia nevertheless packs a lot of punch into its tourism market; you could spend the best part of a month there and still not see and do everything on offer.

Despite being the second smallest republic in the former Yugoslavia after Montenegro, Slovenia hogged all the best mountain ranges and the most verdant landscape. And not only that, its position as the most western part of the Balkans neighboring both Italy and Austria gives it a diversity of culinary flavors unmatched in the rest of the former Yugoslavia. Slovenian desserts in particular, such as the famous Lake Bled Cream Cake, will surely rank among the best you will ever try.

Another huge benefit of Slovenia is that everywhere is within an easy striking distance of its centrally located capital, Ljubljana, so you can stay in one of the city’s wonderful hotels recommended by Go Real Europe and never have to mind about packing your suitcase to see another part of the country.

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana itself is worthy of at least a couple of days dedicated sightseeing. It may not have the big-name attractions of other European capitals, but its Secessionist-era architecture rivals the best in Europe, and Ljubljana Castle has wonderful vistas of the city and the surrounding landscape. The city is also one of the most environmentally aware in the European Union, so its environs are spruce and pristine, and the historic center fully pedestrianized; the banks of the Ljubljanica River that run through the middle of the city make for one of the best al fresco dining areas anywhere in Southern Europe.

Slovenia’s best-loved tourist spot, the incomparably charming Lake Bled with its romantic islet and fleets of pletna boats unique to the lake, is only an hour’s drive from Ljubljana, as is the exquisite medieval honey-and-gingerbread-making town of Radovljica. Another immensely popular destination, the Postojna Cave and its electric train that takes you deep inside the cave system, is even closer to the capital. Nearby is the impossibly dramatic Predjama Castle, the world’s largest cave castle.

Beautifully preserved medieval towns make perfect destinations for day or half-day excursions from Ljubljana. Skofja Loka, which just north of the city, has a remarkable castle looming over an attractive old town the remains mostly undiscovered by tourists, plus lots of accessible cycling and hiking paths. Kamnik is another nearby northern town with a stunning Romanesque chapel jutting above the town and set amongst old castle ruins. Kamnik is the main staging post for hiking or catching a cable car up to Velika Planina, one of the very few alpine pastoral herdsman settlements in Europe full of wooden, conical-roofed huts that still serves its original purpose.

Aerial view of Piran in Slovenia

South of the capital the country becomes more Italianate in feel and outlook the closer you get to the sea. Slovenia may have only 46km (28.5mi) of coastline, but what it has is not put to waste. There are no huge commercial port facilities, so the water remains crystal clear and you can find there one of the best maintained old Venetian towns along the entire Adriatic Coast, Piran. Just before you reach the coast you’ll find the wine-growing region of the Vipava Valley producing delectable wine varietals at family-run vineyards that often make their own food, too.

Go Real Europe will create a personalized travel itinerary for you upon request that includes Ljubljana and all these wonderful excursions. Log into the Go Real Europe website or call a consultant today.


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