Go Real Europe’s Top Destinations For Those Who Love Beer

Samantha Barbagallo  ·  25 / 2 / 2016

Central Europe is one of the best places in the world for beer lovers. Almost every country in Europe has its own style of beer, however, only a select few destinations have a long history of brewing beer. Go Real Europe have happily traipsed around Central Europe to find some of the best places to grab a pint (or liter) and enjoy the heavenly nectar that is beer!


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Czech’s love their beer or pivo as it is known locally. As the largest consumers of beer in the world (roughly 41 gallons per person per year), it is no surprise that this Bohemian capital sits as one of the top beer destinations in Europe. The city is home to the Staropramen Brewery located just a short walk from the historical center of Mala Strana and a myriad of microbreweries for you to visit. You can also enjoy an evening beer tasting tour or visit one of its dozens of historical beer halls of beer bars, some with over 10 beers on tap! Average price for a beer is around 26 Czech Koruna (Roughly $1.25 or 76p).


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As the birthplace of the pilsner beer, Plzen (or Pilsen) in the Czech Republic makes for the perfect day trip for those who love beer! A short one hour and a half train ride from Prague will bring you to the heart of this small miniature city. Take a tour around Pilsner Brewery and explore its small historical center. Average price for a beer is around 25 Czech Koruna (Roughly $1.20 or 72p).


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The beer has long resonated with the culinary and cultural heritage of Bavaria in Germany. It is estimated that more than 125 million gallons of beer are consumed per year in Munich alone. The city is home to the world-famous Oktoberfest Beer Festival which attracts thousands of visitors every year. No visit to Munich is complete without a trip to the historical and the world’s oldest brewery, the 11th Century Weihenstephan. Average price for a beer is around €1.50 (Roughly $1.65 or £1.20).


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Salzburg I hear you say? Not one of the first destinations that may spring to your mind when you think of beer, however, Austria’s beer is growing in reputation. Most beers from Austria will come from small microbreweries however there are numerous places in Salzburg where you can taste local (and imported beer) in a historical setting. Our favorite is the Augustinian Beer Hall located at the foot of the Monchsberg Hill. The beer has been brewed and enjoyed here for centuries, drawn from traditional wooden barrels and served in large steins (stone jugs). Visit for an enjoyable evening, mixing with locals and tasting traditional Austrian cuisine. Average beer cost in the city €2 (roughly $2.20 or £1.60. Expect to pay around €4 for half a liter at the Augustinian Beer Hall).


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