Best Time to Visit Italy

Diana Bocco  ·  30 / 7 / 2018

Italy is always a dream destination, so there’s no such thing as a bad time to visit. There are, however, slightly more beneficial times to get to the land of La Dolce Vita, especially if you have plans in mind that include saving money, seeing a particular festival or avoiding masses of tourists.


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Best Time to Avoid Crowds in Italy

You’re never truly alone anywhere in Italy, but summertime is prime tourist season so the crowds will be bigger and the lines to enter attractions longer and slower. If you’re after quieter times, avoid visiting in summer. The exception to the rule is, surprisingly, August – but there’s a logical reason behind this. While tourists might flock to Italy in August, the locals take off on their own vacations. This means fewer people but also many closed shops (especially true of small, family-run places), shorter opening hours, and slower public transportation.

Spring is also a great time to visit Italy. It’s warm enough for walking around, but the big waves of tourists haven’t arrived yet, so you won’t feel like you’re being pushed around when you’re walking down the street. Make sure to check your calendar and avoid Easter week, though, as this is the one Spring week that gets very busy. Visiting Pompeii? Arrive in winter – at any other time, the narrow streets within the ruins are too crowded to enjoy properly.


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Best Time to Save Money in Italy

Almost everything’s more expensive in Italy when summer hits (except for maybe shopping, as you’ll see below). That includes flights, hotels, and tours. If you’re trying to save money, flights are cheaper between November and March and hotel prices drop during the cooler months, especially from November to January.


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Best Weather in Italy

Your definition of “good weather” will affect this answer – Italy can get very hot, so summer might feel a little miserable when you’re walking around on concrete and fighting the crowds to get into attractions or public transportation. Just because of that, spring and autumn can be nicer: more bearable temperatures, even under the shining sun. May and September are great months to visit the coast and perfect for lying down in the sun without feeling like you’re melting.

If you don’t mind some cooler weather, November is also a great month to visit – although it’s a traditionally rainy month, it’s not cold yet and Rome under the rain has a special charm that won’t disappoint.


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Best Time for Shopping in Italy

Hoping to hit the shopping centers and outlets while in Italy? Whether you’re planning on walking Rome’s Via Condotti or heading to upscale Via Montenapoleone in Milan, your best bet for great deals is to arrive during the winter and summer sales. The winter sales start right after New Year’s and offer the best discounts – not only great for winter clothes but also heavy discounts on bags, accessories, and art and décor. If you’re heading to Italy in summer, August is your best bet to catch summer sales, although some shops start discounting merchandise in mid-July. 

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Best Time for Festivals in Italy

Italy is home to many fascinating festivals and celebrations, but some of the best ones happen in the fall. A historical gondola race takes place every September in Venice, while Verona celebrates Juliet’s birthday (yes, of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet fame) in the same month with a major street festival. The largest chocolate festival in Europe takes place in October, and so does Tuscany’s biggest gastronomic fair. If you arrive in November, you can join the White Truffle Fair in one of Italy’s most charming medieval towns, San Miniato.

No matter the time or season, Italy has much to offer, so get planning and ready for the trip of a lifetime.


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