Best Ruin Bars in Budapest

Nick Young  ·  20 / 12 / 2018

Known for their artsy, eclectic, colorful, cool, stylish clubs and cultural centers, the Ruin Bars of Budapest have become an absolute must visit for people looking to party and interact with locals in the Hungarian capital.

The concept of the Ruin Bar started back in the early 2000s when young Hungarian entrepreneurs began using abandoned spaces within dilapidated buildings to host their own style of underground parties and events. Over time, the popularity of these venues grew, as did the variety of places. Now a trip through the Ruin Pubs for drinking, dancing, and fun is considered one of the great highlights of any traveler’s trip to Budapest.

We’ve listed some of our favorite Ruin Bars for you to check out during your trip to Budapest.


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1) Szimpla

If you’ve heard of just one Ruin Bar in Budapest, it’s most likely you’ve heard of Szimpla. The granddaddy on the scene, opening back in 2004, this local icon is the one that sparked the movement and has led the way for all those that have followed. The magical courtyard and each room that greets you screams out artistic, bright, creative, and fun, with a style that is often copied but an ambiance that is never truly matched. Enjoy the party at night and the events during the day, including farmer’s markets, art exhibitions, and more. This is the cultural bastion of bars to visit in Budapest, meaning you’ve got to check it out at least once during your time in the city.  


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2) Instant-Fogas 

Part Ruin Bar, part Ruin Club, this venue combines the funky, casual style of a courtyard bar with the slick, dance all night vibes of a huge music dance hall. The complex ranks as the largest ruin bar in the city, combining two previously independent places, “Instant” and “Fogas”, to form one super venue which has basically everything a partier could ever want in a night out, including eight bars, two restaurants and different genres of music throughout.


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3) Grandio Jungle Bar

Welcome to the Jungle, Baby. This ruin bar goes all-in in capturing the jungle theme as it offers a densely forested courtyard garden that provides a cool ambiance and wonderful shade in the hotter months of the year. Grandio is a great place to chill out while enjoying drinks with friends, playing a few games of ping pong at the numerous tables on offer, and eating some of the amazing street food they serve to hungry guests.


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4) Corvin Club and Roof Terrace

Perhaps considered more of a “Ruin Club” than a Ruin Bar, Corvin Club is one of the more funky establishments in the city that has been around since the original days when the whole scene started. Located on top of a department store, this rooftop club has an amazing terrace to get a view of the surrounding area and an indoor electronic music club that appeals to the alternative side of all-night partiers. One of the great places to visit to get your late night EDM dancing fix.


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5) Durer Kert

With an interior that welcomes you to sit down for a drink enjoyed whilst on comfy sofas, a live music stage with performances by raucous indie and punk bands, and a tree-lined courtyard that is perfect for lounging around on warm summer days or partying on hot summer nights, Durer Kert has a bit of everything for all of its guests, any time of day that they visit. Considered one of the less touristy Ruin Bars, you can look forward to authentic interaction with locals and a great night of live music.


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6) Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov is a chic and more contemporary addition to the Ruin Bars scene. It takes its name from the bar’s location in the Jewish Area of Budapest and offers its guests a menu of tasty Israeli food and tasty cocktails. Having a more orderly, highly designed style compared to other Ruin Bars in the area, it can be a good place to visit for a sit-down meal in the garden and a bit of live music as you enjoy one of your more quiet nights in the city.  

Whatever your taste for nightlife may be, the fantastically eclectic Ruin Bars of Budapest have got you covered. Pick your spot and prepare to be amazed by what you see!



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