Trendy Restaurants in Munich

Chelsea Barbee  ·  3 / 8 / 2018

Munich is the capital city of the German state of Bavaria and therefore flooded with interesting history and a diverse culture. When visiting the beautiful city, it’s important to know exactly where to get good eats – as big cities can occasionally be overwhelming. In this post, we put together seven of our favorite Munich-based restaurants we think you should check out on your next trip.


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1. Chopan Munich

One of the highlights of traveling through Germany is the diverse culture. With this diverse culture comes a wide-ranging, delicious food scene. My top recommendation for anyone traveling to Munich anytime soon is Afghan food from Chopan. Go with friends and order a few dishes to share (the braised lamb is the best!). Make sure to make a reservation because the evening scene fills fast!


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2. Restaurant Dal Cavaliere

It’s hard to go wrong when eating Italian food in Germany, after all, Italy is so close! Restaurant Del Cavaliere is tucked away in a non-touristy neighborhood and offers great antipasto, pizza, and so much more.


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3. Steinheil 16

Steinheil is located in the hip and happening university neighborhood of Munich. This little German restaurant is always hopping with a crowd and offers a delicious array of German specialties, as well as a daily specials list. Get your schnitzel fix, or if you’re feeling like carb loading, try their truffle pasta - my mouth is watering just thinking about it!


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4. Liebighof Restaurant

This quaint restaurant is located in a quiet neighborhood a few tram stops away from Marienplatz. They have phenomenal steaks, juicy meatballs, and many variations of fried potatoes. Order a bottle of wine and enjoy this cozy hideaway.


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5. Rosi Kaffeehaus and Bar

Located close to the Deutsches Museum, this cafe doubles as a hip bar and serves up delicious, healthy food. Order a local beer, a delicious cappuccino, a hearty bowl of pasta, or a mouthwatering pastry. You have to walk through a curtain to enter the restaurant so it creates an immediate cozy atmosphere.


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6. Wagners - Juicery and Health Food

If you’re in the mood for a refreshing green smoothie or a delicious vegan meal, check out Wagners. You can order a variety of healthy smoothies, snack on a raw dessert ball, or munch on a giant salad. The perfect place to pop in if you are in the mood for a nourishing meal.


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7. Burrito Company

If you’ve been traveling around Europe for long enough, chances are you’re in desperate need of a good Mexican fix. Look no further than Burrito Company. This restaurant was originally started in San Francisco and has now carried its way to Munich - so you know it’s good! This hip restaurant is small but mighty. The best part is your burrito is your own to create; choose from a list of locally-sourced ingredients to make your dream meal. Seating is limited but totally worth it.

There you have it – seven restaurants we consider must-eats when visiting Munich. We try to recommend places that source local foods and care about their customers. We hope you enjoy this list of delicious recommendations. If you haven’t booked your trip to Munich yet, now is the time!


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