Best Food Areas and Restaurants in The Hague

Naomi Louwerens  ·  26 / 1 / 2019

When you visit the Netherlands with a stay in Amsterdam, a day trip to The Hague should not be missed! As the royal capital of the country, this is the city where the King and his family lives. It has several palaces, such as the renowned ‘Peace Palace’, and the ‘Binnenhof’ houses the Dutch parliament in a beautiful historical building, surrounded by a scenic pond and neighbored by the famous ‘Mauritshuis’.

Next to the historical city center these unique sights and palaces are certainly worth a visit, as well as the many museums. Next to that, The Hague is buzzing with gastronomic areas fit for foodies that like quaint restaurants with Dutch specialties, atmospheric café’s, international bistro’s or even want to sample one of the 2 Michelin star restaurants. So if you fancy an authentic city trip filled with culture and sightseeing, combined with a scrumptious lunch or dinner to complete your visit, The Hague is the place for you.

We have already summed up some of the hotspots and best areas for wining and dining in The Hague for you:


Plein The Hague.jpg

One of the most vibrant squares in The Hague, situated next to the ‘Binnenhof’, filled with bars and restaurants, surrounded by beautiful oaks, historical buildings, and filled with terraces. This is the place to be for a casual night out, a real Dutch lunch or tasty bistro dinner. With a big variation of cafés and restaurants to choose from, open all day, you will surely find something to fit your taste here. 

Denneweg and canals

This is the best area for antique shopping in The Hague and of the oldest streets in the city. Currently, it is also the prime lifestyle and international design area filled with more high-end restaurants and shops.

Situated in the historic city center, very near the classy ‘Lange Voorhout’, the ‘Denneweg’, together with its narrow side streets and neighboring canals: ‘Hooikade’, ‘Hooigracht’ and ‘Mauritskade’ offer many outstanding cafés and restaurants. Some even located on the water in the summertime, as Amsterdam is not the only city with scenic canals!

The old-fashioned atmosphere, unique independent shops, a wide choice of quaint pubs, cafés, wine bars, and classy restaurants, like ‘Oker’, where you can enjoy good food and drinks with international allure, make it a must visit!

Hotel Des Indes

Hotel Des Indes The Hague.jpg

Located directly on the ‘Lange Voorhout’ this iconic 5-star hotel is the place to be for an authentic, yet classy High Tea! Dating back from 1858 it’s considered The Hague's most legendary hotel and has welcomed many celebrities throughout the years. The hotel’s restaurant makes the perfect setting for a chic lunch, real luxury dining, or just a classy cup of coffee. But especially the elaborate High Tea here is something to experience.


This buzzing, yet authentic shopping street is situated in The Hague’s historic Hofkwartier, between the historical ‘Grote Kerk’ (Big Church) and the stunning ‘’Paleistuin’ (Palace Gardens). Here you will find art galleries, designer shops, hip fashion and accessory stores, but also a big offering of trendy and authentic cafés, unique lunchrooms, like ‘’Pistache’, and several restaurant options varying from Dutch, Italian, French, Californian to Asian cuisine.

't Goude Hooft

A unique historic building housing The Hague's oldest inn, dating back to 1423, located on the beautiful square: Dagelijkse Groenmarkt near the Prinsestraat. Restaurant 't Goude Hooft offers lunch and dinner, prepared with fresh products in a great historic setting with a big terrace in front, looking out on a beautiful and vibrant city square. It’s also still possible to spend the night here in one of their 8 suites.


Chinatown The Hague.jpg

If you’re on a small budget and fancy to sample some Asian flavors, you can also visit The Hague’s Chinatown to enjoy real authentic Asian cuisine for low prices. With a big offering of cafés and restaurants ‘Full Moon’ has the best dim sum and hot pot.

While the popular ‘Garoeda’ is the place to be for an authentic Indonesian rijsttafel’, a big variation of Indonesian dishes served in small portions.

Hofhouse food court

Located next to the central train station, in the heart of The Hague, this relatively new hotspot and food court offer 8 different food corners and a bar where they serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner all day long. With large sunny terraces, lounge sofas and plenty of seating options they offer something for everyone.

From grilled sandwiches, fresh soups combined with different salads, à la minute sushi, Mexican or Asian flavors, Italian cuisine, tasty ciabatta’s, pizza’s or some of the best burgers in town, this is the place to be.

Beach clubs and sea food

Scheveningen The Hague.jpg

Even though all of the above are located in The Hague’s city center, if you have time, it’s also recommend to venture outside the city.

Not many people know that The Hague is the biggest city by the sea, as the whole west side of the Netherlands is bordered by the North Sea. Lined with endless beaches, ‘Kijkduin’ and ‘Scheveningen’ are located right next to The Hague, and house many trendy beach clubs and seaside restaurants. While Scheveningen is a bit more touristic, Kijkduin has a more local vibe to it.

If you fancy beach parties, fresh seafood, like to chill on the beach or stroll the boulevards, these are the places to be. With a big offering of atmospheric beach venues both Kijkduin and Scheveningen are worth a visit as well!


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