A Hipster Guide to Berlin

Chelsea Barbee  ·  3 / 7 / 2018

If you’ve never been to the eclectic, diverse city of Berlin - you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Germany in itself is a very welcoming and open country, and Berlin embodies all of that through its funky and inclusive culture. Here’s where to hang out if you’re looking to channel your most hipster self while visiting Berlin.


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The Best Green Juice in Berlin

Check out Free Bird on Eberswalder. They have the cutest interior (perfect for a hip Instagram post) and constantly pump out an array of fresh, healthy juices. You can get any type of juice - from a green detox to a sweet berry juice. They also serve great coffee and delicious sweet treats.


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The Best Vegan Latte in Berlin

Check out Unser Cafe. They have soy, almond, and oat milk options and do an excellent early morning latte or cappuccino. Feel free to stick around in the morning for a homemade pastry or a healthy breakfast from their open-air kitchen.


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The Best Sushi in Berlin

Best Friends Restaurant. They have a wide array of sushi and wonderful decor inside. Prices are reasonable. We recommend the rainbow roll. The salmon practically melts in your mouth.


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The Best Craft Beer in Berlin

Zum Starken August. This place serves up some delicious craft beer. On some nights, they even put on swanky Burlesque shows. If you’re in the mood for a unique bar that serves up delicious craft beer and embodies Berlin’s funky counterculture, make sure to check this place out.


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The Best Sunday Afternoon in Berlin

All across the city are large parks and every Sunday these large parks become the number one spot for chilling, shopping, and eating among locals and tourists alike. I recommend checking out Mauerpark. The entire park turns into a market filled with local art, hipster clothes, artisan kitchenware, local drinks, and some of the best International food I have ever tasted. After getting some delicious grub, find a performer to watch or hang out in front of one of the many bands playing good tunes.

From vegan eats to grungy bars, Berlin is the ideal city for anyone looking to get a good round-up of hipster hangouts. Book your trip today!


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