A Guide to Prague´s Bohemian District of Žižkov: Food, Beer, Games, Nightlife

If you want to get away from the usual, more touristy parts of Prague, Žižkov (pronounced as zheezhkoff) is your district. This is where many locals and expats frequently eat, drink, play, and have fun throughout the week and into the weekend’s late nights. With so many noteworthy places in Žižkov, we’ve put together this list of restaurants, pubs, cocktail bars, and nightlife options to check out when visiting.


The Best View in Prague

Starting with the Zizkov Television Tower, this site is impossible to miss as it stands 216 meters tall and can be seen from all over Prague. Built during the Communist era, it was originally intended to block television and radio signals from the west, this tower was completed in 1993 and has been given a major makeover for the times. Nowadays, you can catch one of the best views of Prague from its observation deck, free to the public, or dine at one of the two restaurants/bars there (one up high and one at the tower’s base). Also at the tower’s base, a mini-golf course has been added for you and your family and friends, and in the winter you can find a smaller ice-skating rink attached to the ground-level café/restaurant.


Classic Czech Restaurants

When it comes to classic Czech restaurants and pubs, there are many that could be mentioned, but I have chosen to focus on just a few here for you. Hostinec U Vodoucha and U Slovanské Lípy, both under the same owner, are highly recommended and highly ranked when it comes to proper Czech cuisine and beer. From lunch to dinner to a casual beer with friends, you can’t go wrong choosing either of these two locations. Their menu includes all the Czech classics, from pork knee to ribs to small beer foods and cheeses, and even has a seasonal game menu of boar, deer or rabbit, often found on the weekends. On tap at both of these places (and this is some of ours’ favorite bit), you’ll find a range of Czech microbrews, with 6 beer choices constantly alternating, from lagers to wheat beers to ales to half-darks and even porters from all over the Czech Republic. You really can’t go wrong visiting either of these two restaurants with friends and family. 


The Best Wings in Prague

On the other hand, if you’re looking for American food in Žižkov, Barfud (Bar Food) is very popular among the expat community. Under American ownership, this restaurant has burgers, wings, cheese fries, and everything you would expect from the American menu, with crisp lagers to top your food choice off. With great prices and great quality, Barfud is also on our list of top recommendations.


Beer and Sausages

For smaller beer food, or mostly beer, Pivo a parek (translated in English to ‘Beer and Sausage’) and U Vystrelenyho voka (the shot-out eye) both have on offer finger foods and endless supplies of beer. At Pivo a parek, you’ll find a tasty menu of craft beers alternating on tap or offered in a bottle, alongside a choice of smaller finger foods, and they also have a nice garden in back for warmer weather. Meanwhile, deeper in Žižkov near Vitkov hill, U Vystrelenyho voka has a peaceful outside garden area, often packed during the summer months, and sometimes offering live music and performances inside. Both of these places are definitely worth checking out.


Great Cocktails and Cozy Atmosphere 

After you’ve had a bite to eat, you may be interested in some of the cocktail bars and games pubs where you’ll find the Czech locals and the expats from the world over. Bukowski’sand Malcovich Barare worth considering for cocktails, with relaxing, dimly-lit and cozy atmospheres, usually crowded with lots of expats, interesting people, and knowledgeable bartenders to meet your cocktail needs.


Where to Play Fussball in Prague? 

When it comes to games pubs, this is where you’ll find a lot of activity with more rowdy crowds! Woodoo Music Pub has five foosball tables, amateur and league tournaments, darts, and a variety of board games. Here you’ll find a lot of Czechs and expats, playing games into the early hours of the morning, especially on weekends. At Bowbar, just a few doors down, you have a massive bar and sitting area, great for parties, four bowling lanes, two pool tables, two dart boards, and even air hockey table. And even a few more doors down, on the same street, there is Boulder Bar, the bar for rock climbers. Want to have a climb and a beer? Check this place out!


Clubbing in Prague

Finally, when you’ve had your fill of food and beer, games pubs and cocktail bars, there’s the late-nightlife and clubs of Žižkov. Palac Akropolis, Vlkova 26, and Storm Club offer a variety of live music and performances for nearly all listeners any day of the week all year round.  

Palac Akropolis is a multi-functional, multi-cultural home of artists from the world over, housing a theatre, a radio center, a restaurant, and a club. They have a calendar of events for the music of all genres and a variety of performances every month. This is definitely one of your late night hotspots in Zizkov, while Vlkova 26 just around the corner and Storm Club deeper in Žižkov, typically play different genres of electronic music and cater to younger audiences. Vlkova 26 is the smaller of the three, with a more intimate atmosphere, and Storm Club is an underground, 2-stage venue with a large outdoor garden near U Vystrelenyho voka and Vitkov Hill.

The list of restaurants, cafes, galleries, and clubs in Žižkov can go on and on, so look forward to more posts in the future, and, for now, consider these spots as some of our local recommendations.


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