7 Bavarian Beers You Must Try

Chelsea Barbee  ·  25 / 5 / 2018

When it comes to drinking beer in Bavaria, Germany, it’s important to note that the region is very passionate about their specific brewing processes. Far away from the craft beer scene that has overtaken other countries, in Bavaria, you will find the brews that have been making locals and visitors alike feel satisfied and comforted for centuries. Whether you like your beer light, dark, or somewhere in between, Bavaria has one for you.

Let’s explore.



1/ Helles

Think of this as a light, crisp beer that is most refreshing on a warm summer’s day. Bask in the sunlight in one of the many beer gardens dotted around the region and cool off with this easy-to-drink brew. Helles beers are easy to drink and are the perfect beverage for day drinking while watching a football match or just enjoying the beauty of the German summer.



2/ Dunkel

In German, dunkel literally translates to dark. Think of this beer as a strong mug of goodness with caramel-inspired undertones. If you are a fan of stouts in the States, this is comparable, but with a bit of a lighter flavor. It’s the perfect beer for a cold winter’s evening in a cozy Bavarian pub.



3/ Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen is the locally-loved wheat beer. It’s strong, invigorating, and is not for those brand new to the beer scene. When making hefeweizens, the brewers replace the malted barley that is traditionally used in the brewing process with malted wheat. It’s an acquired taste, but a Bavarian specialty.



4/ Dunkelweizen

Dunkelweizens are perfect for those looking to dip their toes in the strong, wheat taste offered by Hefeweizens but don’t want to fully commit just yet. Essentially, Dunkelweizens are a mix of dunkel beer and hefeweizen. The mix of the two helps downplay the strongness of the wheat while allowing you to slowly acquire the taste. Due to its dark nature, it’s the perfect beer for an evening spent outside in autumn, cozied up in a sweater, and enjoying the changing of the leaves.



5/ Pils

Similar in color and flavor to a Helles, Pils is a very popular beer in the Bavarian region. Light, refreshing, and crisp, you’ll find Pils to be a popular drink of choice at summer fests throughout the region. Pils is a bit hoppy, so if you’re an IPA drinker at home, these will be reminiscent to you, but still with the refreshing taste of a light beer. These are best enjoyed with good conversation in the late summer.



6/ Bock Beer

Bock beers are strong lagers that are produced seasonally in the Bavarian region. Around the time that you begin to see Christmas markets popping up in the main squares, you will also begin to see these holiday-inspired brews being produced and sold in your favorite local pub. Try a Bock beer if you’re in the mood for a strong, flavorful beer that can only be found for a few months out of the year.



7/ Radler

Radler’s are the best beer for those who are just beginning their beer-drinking journey. They are a simple mix of lemonade and light beer and they are the ultimate Bavarian summer refreshers. I recommend one of these after you get home from touring around your favorite Bavarian city; they are perfect for relaxing in the early evening with a few appetizers. Radlers are also perfect for those that are younger (but still of drinking age) and want to stay on the low alcohol side.




If you’re traveling to the Bavarian region soon, make sure to keep an open mind when it comes to the beer selection. The beers are different from those found in other parts of the world, but they are cherished in the Bavarian culture for being pure, traditional, and delicious. Plan your visit soon and make sure to visit a local pub and order one of these beers alongside a plate of sausage or a piping hot skillet of cheesy Spaetzle to truly immerse yourself in the comforting culture that is Bavaria.


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