10 Reasons to Visit Nuremberg, Germany

Chelsea Barbee  ·  11 / 9 / 2018

The historic German city of Nuremberg is tucked away in Bavaria’s more northern region. With its ancient walls and interesting history - Nuremberg is worth paying a visit if you happen to find yourself in the abundant Bavarian region! Here are ten reasons why we think that is the case:


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1/ Nuremberg Castle

The castle is a special part of Nuremberg’s, and Bavaria itself’s, history. The castle was a common place for German royalty to stay when traveling through the country. The castle was home to many and has a deep-seeded standing in Bavarian history. Climb to the top on a clear day to see an absolutely beautiful view of Nuremberg, and explore a bit for a glance into the Medieval period.


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2/ Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The center was once the “Congress Hall” of the Nazi party rally grounds. Although never completed, the majority of the rallies held during the Nazi regime were held here. Now it is serves as an eerie reminder of this unfortunate time in Germany’s history. The center contains an exhibit called “Fascination and Terror” and gives an overview of Hitler’s rise to power, the rallies that occurred on the grounds, and ends with the Nuremberg trials, where Nazi leadership was brought to justice once and for all.  

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3/ Nuremberg Zoo

The Nuremberg Zoo has a history of its own - built in 1912 but destroyed in World War II, it was rebuilt in in the 1950s. Now it is a large, functioning zoo with around 300 different species. The zoo is definitely worth paying a visit if you have some spare time while visiting Nuremberg!


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4/ Christmas Market

If you visit Nuremberg during the winter months, you will be lucky enough to experience the huge, beautiful Christmas market that exists seasonally in the town center. Enjoy delicious foods, gluhwein, and all different types of Christmas decor to bring home with you as a souvenir!


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5/ Street Vendors and Markets in the Summer

If you happen to visit Nuremberg during the summer, make sure to check out the weekly outdoor market! It is open Monday-Saturday from 8am-12pm and offers delicious local foods, plants, and an overall happy, summer atmosphere that is cherished by the Bavarians!


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6/ Hip Food

Nuremberg has an unbelievable foodie scene for those looking for a break from the traditional bratwurst and potato salad. Check out Crazy Nate’s for a delicious, California style burrito. If sushi is more up your ally - you cannot leave Nuremberg without trying a ‘sushi burrito’ from Surrito in Nuremberg!


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7/ Germanisches Nationalmuseum

If you are wanting to get a true taste of all things German culture, Germanisches Nationalmuseum or “Germanic Museum” is for you. According to its website, it is the largest museum in the German speaking world focused completely on German culture and history. The perfect rainy day activity to become knowledgeable about the country you are visiting!


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8/ Zum Gulden Stern Historische Bratwurstküche

Rumored to be the oldest restaurant in Nuremberg, Zum Gulden Stern dates back to 1419! Stop in for a traditional Nuremberg “Rostbratwurst” sourced from a local butcher. ‘Rost’ means roasted, however translated correctly, it actually means grilled. So these sausages are grilled to perfection and served up with homemade potato salad. This is the perfect place to get a taste of true, local German food that has definitely survived the wraths of time.


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9/ St. Lorenz Church

A post WWII, restored version of the original - St. Lorenz is a historic church that stands beautifully in the center of Old Town Nuremberg. Walk through the church and gaze at the incredible architecture and read about the interesting history. Definitely a must-see if you are checking off beautiful, European churches off your travel bucket list!


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10/ Proximity to Other Countries and Regions

One great reason to pay a visit to Nuremberg is its proximity to other countries and cultures surrounding it. Take a bus and arrive in Prague within four hours, or travel west and pay a visit to Stuttgart for more German culture. Traveling to almost any country in Europe is great for this exact reason - see multiple countries within one trip!

With those ten, amazing reason to visit Nuremberg, we can’t think of a reason not to book your trip today!


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