10 Reasons to Visit Bratislava

Chelsea Barbee  ·  12 / 9 / 2018

Bratislava is a beautiful city located in Slovakia, just to the east of Vienna. The city is brimming with beautiful views, incredible history, and absolutely delicious food. Here are 10 reasons Bratislava should be added to your travel bucket list ASAP:


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1/ Castle Views

When visiting Bratislava, climbing to the top of the castle and looking out over the great beyond is a must. The castle itself holds a long historical significance and is now more of a museum of the Slovakian past. From the top of the castle, you can easily see the entire city of Bratislava, and on a clear day you can even see into neighboring Hungary!


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2/ Food Scene

Bratislava’s food scene is absolutely unbeatable! There is a restaurant or cafe for everyone. The food is fresh, local, and prepared with a type of elegance and passion that is hard to find in many cities. Most of the restaurants are extremely trendy and take great pride in sourcing their food from local, sustainable places.


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3/ History

Bratislava’s history runs deep. From being apart of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the forming and then the uncombing of former Czechoslovakia, and the tragedies of World War II which led to an era of Communism taking over the country, Bratislava is filled to the brim with interesting history.


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4/ Close to Vienna and Other Cities

There is nothing like traveling Europe and having the opportunity to see so many amazing cities in such a short amount of time. While visiting Bratislava - you are only a quick hour away from Vienna, Austria. Along with Vienna - Budapest is a little over two hours away. Talk about truly traveling Europe!


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5/ Inexpensive

Bratislava is loved by tourists for its inexpensive hospitality. When traveling to Bratislava, expect to spend at least half of what you would normally spend on food and drinks as well as finding great deals on gorgeous boutique hotels! You can’t go wrong with saving money while traveling.


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6/ Vegan Friendly

Many places in Europe are still struggling to give up their beloved animal products, as the consumption of such foods are typically in conjunction with long-standing cultural traditions; however, if you’re a vegan and have intentions of traveling to Bratislava - have no fear! The food scene is extremely open-minded and there are delicious vegan options offered at almost every restaurant. Some places in Europe make it hard to order a dairy free coffee, but in almost every single cafe in Bratislava, there is some alternative to dairy offered (typically a nut milk).


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7/ Sculptures

Across the city, you will find unique, friendly sculptures smiling at you. Most of these sculptures have a few different stories to go along with them - however they are always open for interpretation as well! Not only are these sculptures a fun little attraction, but they also make a great photo-op to bring home the eclectic atmosphere that embodies Bratislava!


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8/ Not Crowded and Filled with Tourists

One of the best parts of visiting Bratislava (and I visited during a semi-high season!) is the lack of tourists. Bratislava still tends to be a hidden gem that the rest of the tourism world has yet to find out about. Expect short waits at restaurants, non-crowded public transportation, and just an overall feeling of gratitude that you were lucky enough to discover such a magical place.


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9/ Lively Old Town

Walking through Old Town feels like you took a trip inside your favorite fairytale. The buildings, the architecture, and the music being played on every street corner embodies the magical, fairytale-like feeling perfectly. The music is typically beautiful jazz that sounds like medicine to the ears! Old Town Bratislava is a lively place and offers such an amazing atmosphere for locals and tourists alike.


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10/ Local White Wine

Most people are not aware that Slovakia actually houses a small but spectacular wine region. Because of the short summer, the main variety of grapes grown is white therefore producing some delicious, local white wine. We recommend trying a glass while visiting!

If these ten reasons to visit magical Bratislava aren’t enough to convince you to book your trip, we aren’t sure what will. Don’t miss out on one of Europe’s best hidden gems! See you there!


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