10 Reasons to Visit Berlin, Germany

Chelsea Barbee  ·  25 / 7 / 2018

Berlin has long been known as a must-see city when visiting Europe. However, if you haven’t considered Berlin as an addition to your travel bucket list yet, here are 10 reasons to add it ASAP!


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1/ International Food Scene

In Berlin, you can find just about any type of food your heart desires. No matter what you’re craving, Berlin is inclusive to all types of food from all around the world. With its many immigrants and tourists-turned-expats, Berlin’s food scene lends an extensive hand to all types of good eats from all around the world.


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2/ Nightlife

Perhaps what many most know Berlin for: the insane nightlife. Berlin’s club scene is different from most because of its many options to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for a chill evening with live music or you’re looking to dance until the sun comes up, Berlin has a place for you.

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3/ Diverse and Eccentric Culture

Speaking of Berlin having a place for everyone, this extends far beyond the club culture. Berlin has always been the edgy city of Europe and it holds true to its roots. Expect all types of people and to be accepted no matter where you come from. Berlin is the alternative hub to Europe and it’s the perfect place to travel for that reason.


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4/ Sundays in the Park

Have you ever seen a clothes market combined with a music festival combined with food stalls from around the world in one place before? Me neither. That is until I spent a Sunday in a Berlin park. Head to a green space on a Sunday for live music, the most delicious food you can imagine, and a relaxing afternoon in the sun.


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5/ Incredible History

Berlin was completely destroyed in World War II. After the war, the city was divided into East and West Berlin. The East was held by the USSR while the West was held by the allied forces. There is so much history intertwined through the whole of Berlin. From the Holocaust/WWII to the Cold War - if you enjoy history, you are in for an educational trip.


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6/ The Berlin Wall

Speaking of history, the Berlin Wall is the wall that divided East and West Berlin for over 28 years. Now the Wall is a site of artwork by local artists. Visiting the Wall is a reminder of a rough past, but also a reminder that through the roughness beauty emerges. Walk along the wall at sunset and read the beautiful quotes and pictures that have been painted throughout time.


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7/ Hipster Cafes

There is no shortage of adorable cafes throughout Berlin. If you are in the mood to grab a good book and cozy up in the perfect coffee shop, Berlin has one on practically every corner for you.


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8/ Sit by the Water

The Spree River flows through Berlin and offers gorgeous views from all points. Walk along the river until you find the perfect spot to hang out and enjoy a picnic in the sun.

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9/ Vegan? You name it

Traveling to Germany and worried about finding good vegan eats in the midst of sausage and schnitzel? Have no fear! If you make your way to Berlin - you will be good to go! Berlin is the home of an emerging and powerful vegan scene. You can find vegan options at almost every restaurant/cafe and many restaurants that specialize in gourmet vegan food.


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10/ Craft Beer Bar

Unlike the south of Germany where the traditional Bavarian beer scene reigns supreme, in Berlin you will find many different varieties of delicious craft beer. Most are made locally and include delicious ingredients. Find the perfect craft beer bar and make yourself comfortable for an evening of delicious drinking!

Berlin is a city of good eats, beautiful views, and powerful history. With its eclectic, hipster scene you will never have a shortage of streetside music and incredible cafes. Now you have no reason not to book your trip to Berlin today!


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