10 Foods You Must Try in Germany

Chelsea Barbee  ·  1 / 8 / 2018

Most people know that Germany specializes in sausage, but would you believe it if I said that isn’t it? You can find German mac & cheese, German pizza, and so much more. Find the ten foods that you must try on your next visit to Germany here!


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1/ German Wiener Schnitzel

Perhaps one of the most classic dishes in this part of the world, schnitzel is any type of meat (chicken, pork, veal) pounded down until extremely thin and then deep fried. Yes, it is as good as it sounds.


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2/ German Sausage Bratwurst 

This is the typical, German sausage you have heard so much about. Usually some combination of ground veal, pork, and beef. It totally lives up to the hype and deserves a place on your German food bucket list.


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3/ German Sausage Weisswurst 

Traditional to Bavaria and sometimes called ‘Munich white sausage’, these sausages are typically made using veal and pork and flavored with different spices. These are some of the only traditional German sausages you will find served at breakfast and they are known to be eaten before noon. You will normally see them served in a bowl of hot water with delicious sweet mustard on the side.


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4/ Käsespätzle

Think homemade egg noodles mixed with fresh cheese, baked in the oven, and topped with fried onions. Can you say heaven? This is the perfect dish to indulge in alongside one of the aforementioned meat dishes (i.e: schnitzel, bratwurst). The best way I can think to describe this to an American is mac & cheese but a more delicious, German version.


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5/ Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée

A German pizza/flatbread variation that is mouthwateringly delicious. Flammkuchen is typically a thinly rolled out dough topped with sliced onions, fatty bacon pieces, and depending on where you are ordering it comes topped with creme fraiche or sour cream. It makes the perfect appetizer for an authentic German meal.


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6/ German Currywurst Sausage

I remember having no idea what to expect the first time I tried currywurst. What I didn’t expect was the outright punch of delicious flavor. Currywurst is typically made with steamed pork sausage and then topped with a ketchup-curry combination and served alongside pommes (aka fries).


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7/ German Sauerkraut

So much better than the pre-made kind you would find in the U.S. This delicious, tangy dish usually comes alongside bratwurst.


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8/ Kartoffelsalat

Potato salad - but not the type laden with mayonnaise. Instead, the potatoes are thick and the dressing is a mustardy, vinegary heaven that pairs perfectly with the chives usually sprinkled on top. A German delicacy that everyone needs to try at least once while touring the country.


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9/ German Spargelsuppe

White asparagus soup is a novelty dish for Germans once spring rolls around. Everywhere you go, you will see the famous white asparagus, with a piping hot bowl of spargelsuppe lingering close by. This soup is not to be missed. It is creamy and healthy. To truly indulge in the freshest and most authentic version of the soup, visit Germany in early spring and do your best to seek it out.


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10/ Kartoffelkroketten

Also known as a potato croquette. While these delicious little bites are not necessarily native to Germany, they are a beloved side dish in the region that is always worth ordering. Croquettes are typically mashed potatoes and herbs deep fried to perfection.

So if you’re traveling to the beautiful country of Germany anytime soon, make sure to scope out any and all of these amazing dishes. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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