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Plan a trip to Berlin


Visit the historic city of Dresden on a fascinating day trip from Berlin by train. Known as the “Florence on the Elbe River”, Dresden is a beautiful city to spend the day exploring. 

The catastrophic and controversial bombings by Allied forces in February of 1945 left Dresden in smoldering ruins. Post war, the city has been has been restored to its former beauty, and during your day trip, you’ll have plenty of time to admire its many architectural gems, impressive museums and the seductive charm of its restored Old Town.


24 kilometers southwest of Berlin lies Potsdam, a city home to a rich cultural landscape and a host of fascinating attractions and historic sights, making it the ideal day trip from the fast paced energy of the capital. 

Discover the numerous UNESCO World Heritage sights of Potsdam, home to many grand palaces, beautiful tree lined avenues and glorious royal parks. Visit the world famous Sanssouci, the Alexandrovka Russian Colony or perhaps the Glienicke Bride, made famous In the recent big budget Tom Hanks film, The Bridge of Spies. Choose to visit Potsdam by yourselves or take a guided tour with one of our friendly guides.

The Spreewald

An enchanting and magical landscape lies hidden within deep forests just one hour from Berlin. The UNESCO-protected biosphere of the Spreewald is home to a myriad of canals, meandering rivers and beautiful meadows, forming an area of ancient settlements by the Sorbs, an indigenous Slavic people with a history in the area that dates back to the 5th Century. 

Today the area is a favorite for those who love the great outdoors, with plenty of opportunities to explore by rafting, hiking, kayaking or cycling.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

A grim reminder of the Holocaust lies just 35km from Berlin; the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. During the Nazi regime, over 200,000 people were interned in the camp, making one of the largest concentration camps within Germany. 

It is now the site of a memorial center. Take a guided tour to the camp or visit alone as a day trip and learn how inmates attempted to survive the horrific conditions.


On January 20, 1942, high-ranking members of the SS, the government administration, and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (the NSDAP or Nazie Party) met to discuss the “final solution of the Jewish question” in the Villa Minoux on the shores of Greater Wannsee.

On your day trip to Wannsee, visit the notorious “Wannsee Conference House”, a now haunting Holocaust Memorial and educational site. After such a draining visit, you may wish to visit Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island), a relaxing hiking experience for those who wish to see some of Wannsee’s more tranquil surroundings.

Tropical Islands

Located 60 kilometers outside of Berlin lies the most unusual and unique “beach” destination, where it’s always summer! 

Tropical Islands is Germany’s all year round indoor beach destination and Europe’s largest tropical holiday resort. Its unusual location inside a former air hangar makes this an exciting adventure for families, with plenty of fun and games for the whole family.