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Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbi and the home of EXIT music festival. In 2019 it will be the European Youth Capital and in 2021 will become the first non-EU city to be the European Capital of Culture.


The city has a vibrant and eclectic culture with a thriving music, art, and gallery scene. Known for its social activities, pedestrian areas, and open atmosphere - Novi Sad is a city ready to be explored.

Sremski Karlovci

This town sits on the slopes of Fruška Gora and is well renowned for its exceptional Serbian wines, and for being the location of many firsts in the nation.


Walk streets lined with the countries first high school, the location of the signing of The Treaty of Karlowitz where the round table was used for the first time in diplomatic discussion, and taste the local wines, specifically Berment that can only be found here!