Martin Wagner

I am a native of Illinois who has lived in Prague since 2009. When I first arrived, I only intended to stay six months. I figured that was enough time to see the region before moving on to somewhere new. But the longer I was here, the more I found to explore. Travel is my passion, and I soon realized it didn’t make sense to leave an area of the world that is so perfect for traveling.

Martin on bycikle

I still try to get out and see something new every other weekend at least. I particularly love Central Europe because of all the history and culture. It’s difficult to go anywhere here and not find both of these things. I also have a special love for ruins. I don’t just mean the castles, but any place that possesses that atmosphere of crumbling grandeur, such as the ruin pubs in Budapest.

Martin in Prague

And I should also mention the most important reason I am still here - my girlfriend Zuzana. She is a Prague local who shares my love for traveling. And it doesn’t hurt that the beer here is the best in the world – and cheap too! I am even offering a beer tasting tour in Prague for Go Real Europe clients.

Martin in Prague.jpg