Karolina Sokołowska

I was born and raised in Warsaw - a beautiful city with a unique and difficult history, that often is being called a Phoenix, as it literally rose from the ashes. Quite quickly I realized that I need to share this story with the others and this is how I became a tour guide. My passion for travelling didn’t allow me to stop there and soon I started to work also as a tour leader, what in a while turned out to be a perfect decision.

Karolina in Warsaw Compressed.jpg

Together with my guests we were discovering the beauty and charm of Warsaw, Poland and Central Europe. It gives me so much energy when I see how travelers fall in love with the visited places and their history, atmosphere or food.

With all the information and experience that I gained, I joined Go Real Europe where I can combine my passion for travelling and organizing our Guests’ tours.

Karolina in Georgia Compressed.jpg

It’s great to be a part of the team that makes a trip to Central Europe such a unique and memorable experience.