Andrew Barton

I’m a Kiwi from New Zealand, but I’ve spent nearly half of my adult life in Central Europe. I first arrived here in Prague when it was still the capital of Czechoslovakia soon after the Velvet Revolution, but I’ve mostly lived in other parts of the Czech Republic. There’s barely a corner of the Czech Republic I haven’t been to. The Czech Republic is a traveller’s paradise as there are so many hidden gems here waiting to be discovered and it helps that it has the most extensive rail network per landmass in the world.

Andrew Esfahan, Iran


I’ve been coming and going between New Zealand and the Czech Republic for the past 25 years, but this is my longest stretch by far – I’ve been here since meeting my wife in 2008. That meeting came at the end of a six-month trip when I travelled overland from New Zealand to Central Europe via India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.

Andrew, Go Real Europe

Central Europe has so many wonderful sights and so much history crammed into it's relatively small area that you could literally spend a lifetime exploring every town, village and hamlet and still not exhaust its travel potential. Why wouldn't someone want to come here?!