About Us

We are team of people passionate about what they do. We love to help you plan
your trip so that you can enjoy it instead of thinking of the best arrangement.


David Manley

"My mission is to make travel better for our clients. Less stress, but more authenticity and fulfillment."

Petr Skarka

“A satisfied client makes me happier than a big fish on the hook!”

Martin Wagner

"At Go Real Europe I have the opportunity to travel and work with people who also love to travel!”

Andrew Barton

"As an Antipodean from a borderless country, working for GRE permits me to blend my interest in writing and research into European history and its cultural heritage with travel to some of the most interesting places on the continent."

Samantha Barbagallo

"It makes me so happy when a client returns from one of our trips with a new sense of travel confidence and love for Europe."

Grace Anne Sillano

“Go Real Europe has given me the opportunity to share my passion for travel with other like-minded people”.

Clay Copland

"Traveling to Europe has changed my life forever, and I'm hoping to help bring that same experience to others!"

Karolina Sokołowska

"I am happy to be a part of the team that makes a trip to Europe a unique and memorable experience".

Tomas Broucek

"At Go Real Europe I finally have the chance to help people plan the perfect trip without spending days, weeks or even months browsing on many different websites."

Chelsea Barbee

"Traveling and writing are my two greatest passions. I'm happy to share my tips and tricks for traveling with Go Real Europe readers!"

Myles Rieger

"When I first came to Europe back in 2013 I Immediately fell in love with the continent. Now that I'm with Go Real Europe, I hope to be able to put people in a position to fall in love with Europe the same way I did."

Brendan Wade-Keszey

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

Thomas Kirby

"After moving to Prague in the summer of 2010 to travel and teach English, I just want to share my experiences and help people save time and stress in coming to Europe."

Diana Bocco

"I´m a full-time writer and world traveler currently living in Prague."

Justin Steinmetz

"As an Australian who's made Central Europe home, I am most passionate about the region and enthused to share why."

Erin Naillon

"Travel is one of my passions!"

Nick Young

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware"

- Martin Buber -

Jennifer Birch

“I love to travel and through my writing, I inspire people to do the same.”

Kelly Farrell

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

Eva Malá

"More I travel, more I feel like I have not seen anything."


Naomi Louwerens

"For me traveling is pure passion and a way of creating unique experiences that will last much longer than material things!"

Danielle Nowatkoski

“Happiness is only real when shared. I find that quote to fit the true meaning of traveling. I want to provide the opportunity and share the joy of visiting different locations with others that Go Real Europe has to offer.”

Ariel Gordon

"If you never leave your house, you'll never find your home."

Justin Brinkerhoff

"I’m devoted to traveling and helping others. Working for Go Real Europe gives me the opportunity to combine them both."

Justice Ziorklui

"For me I love to travel because every destination has something unique to teach you, and immersing myself into a completely different world and culture is the best way to experience it. "

Paul Gormley

"I feel that I could be at no better place than Go Real Europe as they allow me to utilize my passion to help others discover their passion for travel."