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Six Of The Best Classical Concert Halls In Central Europe


From Munich's National Theatre to Budapest's stunning Opera House, these amazing classical music concert halls are sure to impress!

Czech Christmas Traditions: Carp, Floating Walnuts and a Baby Jesus


Every country around the world celebrates this magical time with traditions and here in the Czech Republic, we have a few Christmas traditions of our own, including some rather weird ones!

Top Prague Cafes - 6 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Prague


Visit at least one of top 6 grand cafes in Prague for a sensational coffee and tasty cafe experience!

The BEST thing to do on a sunny afternoon in Prague

DAVID MANLEY11.11.2016

Spend a sunny afternoon in Prague, not on the Charles Bridge or Old Town Square, but with a visit to one of these local hotspots away from the crowds.

The Literature Lover’s Guide to Prague's Most Famous Writers


Like capital cities everywhere, Bohemia’s main city has attracted its fair share of great artists, whether they’ve been born there or have been drawn to an environment with the infrastructure to support and nurture exceptional talent. Prague’s literary figures are famous not only to Czech readers, but also the wider world as a result of the constantly fluctuating political and social environment in which they found themselves over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries and which elicited work of global interest.

The Strangest Sculptures - Works by David Cerny in Prague


David Cerny is one of the Czech Republic's most famous sculptors. Discover his strange pieces of work while on your explorations around Prague using our quick guide of his must see sculptures!

Is Europe Safe For Travellers?


Following the recent attacks in Belgium, people are asking, "Is Europe Safe for Travellers?". Here are a few things to consider before you cancel your trip this year..

Go Real Europe’s Top Destinations For Those Who Love Beer


From the beer halls of Munich to the birthplace of Pilsner, drink your way across Central Europe with these top beer destinations.

How INXS's Music Video Revealed Prague to the Western World

DAVID MANLEY24.02.2016

INXS's 1988 music video shot in Prague revealed an undiscovered gem to the Western world.

Best time of the year to visit Central Europe


Knowing when to visit Central Europe can make or break your trip. With our Pros and Cons, you can determine which season is right for you.

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